What can and can't be seen

I’m overwhelmed with all that’s going on, as are so many, and yet I find myself searching for a topic to write about this week. I did have a couple subjects in mind, but looking back at my saved articles from the past six months, I see that I’ve already written about them. Dead end.

Go looking for another subject? That’s definitely easier said than done or discovered, but here’s another try: When something that’s normally easily seen and defined, can no longer be viewed …. Ah hah, perhaps that will be the one. Though definitely a stab in the dark, “something that’s normally seen” perfectly described the view out of my office window.

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As I’ve said before, we live on the West Coast of British Columbia, literally minutes from the shore. Across the water and usually in clear view are three islands, Savary, Texada and, of course, Vancouver Island. (Perhaps you’ll want to look that up on a map and see where we are. Just a suggestion). Right now we are unable to see any of those because of the smoke blowing up from raging fires in California, Oregon and Washington. Eerie isn’t even a strong enough term to describe the environment. Adding to my discomfort is the fact my brother and his family live in one of those states. Unable to cross the border and be with family on this side, we can’t see them, either.

To look beyond all these conditions and see the protecting hand of God in our lives sometimes challenges us more than we’d thought it ever would.

“There are some things I may not know

There are some places I can't go

But I am sure of this one thing

My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul” (Don Gibson)

Keep looking unto Jesus!

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