Wolfe in Shepherd’s Clothing


By Angie Counios and David Gane

Published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing

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$19.95 9781988783130

Regina’s death toll is once again on the rise as Angie Counios and David Gane launch their third Shepherd and Wolfe mystery.

Tony and Charlie are now in Grade 12 and still recovering emotionally and physically after the dramatic events of the summer (see Shepherd’s Watch). But a serial killer is roaming the Queen City murdering and dismembering his victims and, even though Tony’s parents warn the boys not to get involved in any more mysteries, they can’t resist investigating.

Detective Gekas, herself still recovering from the previous summer’s adventures, is put in charge of the serial killer murders. As the boys investigate, the killings come heartbreakingly close to home and Tony is guilt-stricken to think that their actions may be responsible for the killer’s latest choice of victim.

Although the story is satisfyingly wrapped up, the final chapter of the book ends on a cliffhanger. Which means that once again I will be waiting impatiently for the next book in the series.

This book is thicker and slightly darker in tone than the previous ones. I’m not sure if it’s because some of the chapters are seen through the eyes of the killer, but it definitely seems to have more of a crime novel feel to it.

Right from the start though you feel in safe hands as a reader. Counios and Gane know what they are doing, and you can happily allow yourself to become immersed in the story.

Wolfe in Shepherd’s clothing is marketed as a YA novel, but it will be equally appealing to a more adult audience.

Regina-based Angie Counios and David Gane are both teachers with a background in scriptwriting. They have a wonderful website with resources for teachers and parents https://couniosandgane.com.

Along Comes a Wolfe and Shepherd’s Watch were winners in the international 2018 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, and Along Comes a Wolfe won the First Book Award at the 2017 Saskatchewan Book Awards.

— This book is available at your local bookstore or from www.skbooks.com

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