Back in the saddle after a year out to pasture

Last week the News-Optimist newsroom once again bade farewell to Jayne Foster. Foster capably filled the role of interim editor when health issues forced me to take an entire year of leave.
Thanks to an extremely skilled surgeon, long bouts of rehabilitation and healing and help from a massage therapist, I was deemed fit to return to keyboard and mouse Thursday.
It was an odd experience being away from the newsroom I have served in one capacity or another for more than 20 years, but Foster is a seasoned veteran. She not only made it through the nuts and bolts of the job, she inspired and mentored the news team during an exceptionally newsy year in the Battlefords.
I return to an operation that has seen some major changes, not the least of which was the retirement of long-time publisher Alana Schweitzer and the hiring of a new publisher, Gordon Brewerton. With Brewerton come new ideas, new expectations and new challenges.
Change is a constant in any operation, but it is a prevailing condition in the print newspaper industry. In the information age, we need to be constantly making changes to retain readership and our share of the advertising market.
In this era we not only direct our resources to producing a twice-weekly community newspaper, we also must operate as a daily news source. Our online presence at and on Facebook and Twitter requires us to be constantly multitasking in an effort to keep our readers informed.
As the historic purveyor of community news, the News-Optimist will continue to work diligently to provide high quality coverage of events and issues of interest to our readers.
And as I work to get back into the groove, I will continue to do my best to work with my team to ensure a high quality product for our readers’ consumption.
As I mentioned, I’ve been in the News-Optimist newsroom for more than two decades, but I’m always learning on the job. I’ll do my best to not commit any major gaffs, but if I do I know I can count on you, the readers, to point me in the right direction.
We always appreciate your comments, insight and story ideas. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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