Mona Lott

The Wood Pile

By Dr. R.H. Wood, North Battleford

Mona Lott was a character in a long running British satire entitled “Much Binding in the Marsh” (crop gathering). She had much in common with a rather refined well-spoken but incredibly lugubrious patient. He was the embodiment of negativity - the very antithesis of Pollyannaism. His remarks were so extreme that my invariable response was to LOL. Unfazed, he would continue until a knock on the door indicated unrest in the waiting area.

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My letters to the editor are only intended to amuse. They are not intended to inform or inflame and they are certainly not newsworthy – not even barely so. The grim shepherd will come soon enough to unpen me and herd us all off to year-round cool glades, quiet waters and green pastures – not bogs or sloughs, I hope. So, lighten up and laugh a little if you can. The name of the Mona Lott program, by the way, always puzzled me - to “bind” also means “to constipate.”


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