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Dear Editor

The finance minister’s resignation speech contained no sense of shame or apology for the chaos he leaves behind. He did mention his hope and desire, apparently supported by the P.M., that he move to a new exalted position. Proroguing parliament will close down or postpone the postmortem and enquiries into what is going on at the top and spoil things for us!

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I have discovered a new word – TERGIVERSATION. It is so hard to pronounce. It means the giving of repetitious vacillatory non-answers which are either read from a piece of carefully prepared paper or learned by rote. Surely it is a disease worse than COVID as all parliamentarians have it despite self-distancing and closing down parliament. Perhaps a team of experts from the WHO can provide a short code name for the condition.

While we await developments, the awarding of the title “honorary” should be reviewed. Where titles are recovered, they can then be re-allocated to more worthy citizens for temporary usage only.

Dr. R. H. Wood

North Battleford

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