Another reason to be thankful for Sask.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor
As I follow the news of the Canadian Armed Forces report into long-term care home conditions in Ontario and Quebec, my heart goes out to those vulnerable residents and their families. It is truly a horrifying revelation of sub-standard care, not only during COVID-19, but as a culture of neglect supported by appallingly low provincial minimum standards.
It highlights one more reason to be thankful for living in Saskatchewan, not only during COVID-19, but as a whole.
My mother, who died last spring at the age of 96, spent the last 18 months or so of her life in care in the Battlefords. She received high quality care throughout her stay. Staff were patient, kind and caring. She wasn`t a demanding patient, but did know her own mind and had ample input into how she spent her last days. Her desires were met to the best of the facility`s ability and, in the end, her death occurred with dignity, among respect and caring.
I`m sure others have anecdotal evidence of neglect and abuse, and I`m sure these situations do develop from time to time, but I believe, as a whole, the high standard to which our care homes are expected to adhere is being met and our elders are being cared for respectfully.
And even though I know those standards would have been adhered to in these difficult times, I admit I am thankful she did not have to add this pandemic to her long history on Earth.
Best wishes to all in care. May you continue to receive the best of care.
Becky Doig

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