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Dear Editor

Trillion Dollar day has passed unnoticed and unmarked even by the doleful tolling of distant bells. Perhaps some desecrated monuments can be resurrected and recycled in its memory.

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Simple means to control air and commensal borne diseases have been known since the time of the plaques. The best and most remarkable example of this approach was in the village of Eyam, Derbyshire, England in 1665. Could our current problem have been better and yet efficiently handled by clearly mandated directives from the start with full individual and collective compliance?

Why can’t the new speech from the throne be delivered in a disused hockey arena so that we can study our well recompensed representatives and check for somnolents. What, by the way, have they all been doing and achieving for us since March – how about a non-partisan inquiry? Also arenas could be rated in “Bubble” capacities and thus opened up more fully.

The ship of state heads for a second wave which may swamp us or at least drown us in debt. Trudeau senior took 15 years to increase the national debt tenfold and get interest rates up to 19 per cent. Trudeau junior has only doubled the debt in five years and so has much catching up to do! Is his plan to have us all on vote-getting governmental support? What a dream! Unfortunately for me, anticipation and worry is such that I just can’t get to sleep at night and keep writing and rewriting this letter.

We are indeed in uncharted waters and must put our faith in the new course which the Governor General is to reveal. Above all, we need a truly competent captain and crew.

Dr. R. H. Wood

North Battleford

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