Dairy industry tossed under the bus

Dear Editor

It was predictable! The Canadians succumbed to Trump’s blackmail and threw the dairy sector of Canada under the bus.

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Oh, we still have supply management but what good will that do? It is because the United States doesn’t have supply management in the dairy business that they have an over supply that they want to dump into Canada. And the last I heard, their cows are fed chemicals that are not allowed in Canadian dairy cows.

Will Canadians say they will buy only Canadian milk? No. When did Canadians ever support Canadians?

More and more the people in our governing system are urban people who haven’t ever grown a radish.

A country run by a government that does not realize   their country should be independent when it comes to the food supply, the basic food supply, is a country run by fools, no matter what the political stripe.

Christine Pike


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