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Dear Editor

As a Metis person, I find it offensive that Premier Moe only sent his ministers to talk with Tristen Durocher during his 44-day quest in Regina. I am disappointed that he did not bother to go and meet this young man who is flagging a worthy cause and acting in a peaceful, respectful way. I do understand that the Premier would not want to encourage tepee-building on the legislature lawn. However, a mediating gesture, perhaps of meeting in a different location, would not have been difficult. Good will goes a long way and there was no good will extended to Tristen during his 44-day quest. Tristen really left empty-handed, with a confirmation that Regina is a long way from the North and that Premier Moe is untouched and uncaring about the great distress of suicide in the north.

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Considering all the talk about reconciliation, what would it have meant to take a minute and meet this young man in person? 

As a musician myself, I know how hard it can be to supply music for the funerals in our community.  Tristen would have seen a lot of heartbreak and could have given some inside information about suicide in his community and the surrounding communities.

I hope the Premier can fly to La Ronge and meet Tristen in the future.

Marilyn Richardson

North Battleford

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