Is the City of North Battleford towing the taxpayer into a lawsuit they can’t win?


Dear Editor

This is the second time I have been compelled to write a letter to this newspaper, the first was prompted by the City of North Battleford entertaining the idea to buy the old CN Railway building for one dollar, that one dollar would have by their own calculations ended up costing the tax payers over one million dollars before they even made renovations to it.

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Now I am reading about the city’s latest brain storm, they think that getting into the towing business would be a good idea and that the taxpayers of North Battleford should fund this new venture.

Most people know when government at any level involves itself in things best left to private enterprise that it ends up costing the taxpayer more. Having said that, I believe that, what they are trying to do is a travesty that reeks of interference in free enterprise.

From what I understand the city wants the towing industry to pay them for the privilege of supplying a service that they (the towing companies) have already been supplying for years.

I can remember something like this happening when watching a movie a while ago, a mafia boss sent his men around to local businesses, his men informed the business owners that if they wanted to do business in his area of influence that a percentage of their sales had to be paid to the mob boss. Those that didn’t comply where put out of business.

If the City is able to bribe its way into the towing business by offering one towing company exclusive rights to all the towing and impound fees (providing they, the city, get their kickback) what will stop them from targeting other businesses?

If I was a business owner in this city I would be very concerned with this proposal by the City of North Battleford.

I am also concerned for the legal ramifications that the city and the taxpayers would be facing should this scheme go forward.

I can’t believe that the owners of the tow companies that the city would be excluding from doing business will sit back and not engage legal counsel to sue the city.

Lastly, I have to ask those behind this outlandish scheme, by proposing such a scheme, what kind of a message are you sending potential companies or investors that may be thinking of setting up business in North Battleford? I for one would take one look at this and say no thanks.

Gary McLeod

North Battleford

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