It’s all about power

Dear Editor

All winter the whittling went on, a slough here, a bush there. At times as much as half an acre was gained. But who cares about wildlife habitat? Then another death knell was accomplished by the aptly named SaskPower.

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It’s quite some time now since we landowners banded together to fight our own crown corporation, SaskPower. Those in power at SaskPower had, in secrecy, designed a giant power line to run through mile and miles, even alongside farm homes, to serve a foreign-owned business (foreign owner like most Canadian businesses). We maintained that the corporation could have created its own energy, but that wasn’t considered. We did manage to get the line moved from alongside farm yards, but these massive twin poles still march across the land where they shall forever by a pain to anyone putting in and taking off crop. Of course, the landowners will never receive compensation.

Then this winter, landowners were told that where these monstrosities are on fence lines, all trees would be destroyed. Landowners argued they were told the trees would only be topped. SaskPower said otherwise. As usual, they were arrogant. They were told, for instance, that hawks had nested in one fence line for a decade. Who cares?

So, a long long line, miles and miles of habitat is gone. It was protested by landowners not even thought of as environmentalists, which is rather droll.

What can be learned from this latest episode? For one thing, any government big enough to give us what we think we want is also big enough to take away, to take away things we need. The political stripe makes no difference. Did Trudeau put a carbon tax on our power bills?

Not long ago we were informed by SaskPower that we had been “chosen to receive a Smart Meter.” Oh, that sounded nice, like God’s chosen people.

What it really meant was “you have been forced into paying more for your power.”

SaskPower people keep telling me I have electric heat; I already know that. I tell them the bill should go down in the summer. It doesn’t, of course.

I do not forget that when we discussed the plans made originally for that ugly power line, the line went around the “proposed, possible golf course” some distance to the east of us. The golfers had more power than farmers, it seems.

So often it seems that life is only about gaining power over others. Is it true or a rumour that beef will be removed from Canada’s food guide? If true, it means lobbyists ‑ the beef-industry-is-destroying-the-world people (like other people they, not cattle are destroying the world) ‑ and the vested interests who are behind fake meat have more power than ranchers and farmers.

And don’t let me hear the “it is inhumane to eat meat” lines. It is also inhumane to hound and murder other humans every day all over the world. This is done for the same reason already mentioned: power.

I still believe in the crown corporations, but the arrogance of SaskPower (and for that matter, at times, the Ministry of Highways) should not be tolerated. A tin god sitting down in Regina running our lives? They seem to think we are their chess pieces to be pushed around.

Public servants? Not in that bunch.

Christine Pike


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