It's time to walk the walk

Dear Editor

I am First Nation. In January of 2013, while I was away at work, a white man opened my steel gate, entered my lake property, terrorizing my wife. We complained to the RCMP, who refused to press charges, saying it was a “misunderstanding.”

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In August of 2016, a white man shot Colten Boushie when Colten tried to flee from the white man’s property. According to an independent watchdog, the RCMP discriminated against Colten’s family, harassing his mother and treating her with racist behaviors, while not securing evidence at the scene. 

There are two justice systems in the Battlefords: one for whites and one for First Nations. Cultural sensitivity training will not root out racist, discriminatory character or address the smarmy behavior of bad officers. There is no scientific data showing otherwise. 

The only way to change this type of behavior is to fire those who make the RCMP the object of international criticism and shame. It’s time to walk the walk. 

Edouard Trippe De Roche

The Battlefords

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