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Dear Editor

I am 70 years old and born and raised in Saskatchewan. When I was young, houses were not locked. In the back of a half-ton, you could leave your tools, chain, tires, and Jackalls. Back window racks would hold rifles and shotguns. Bikes and toys left in the yard were not taken. Nothing is safe anymore. Now if you try to stop a thief from stealing your possessions, you may be charged. Crime costs taxpayers money, directly and indirectly. Some examples of direct cost are illegal immigration, paying known terrorists up to $10.5 million, security guards in stores and at public events, Narcan kits and needles used by illegal drug users (diabetics have to buy their own needles). Examples of indirect costs are increased lighting, security systems at homes and businesses, escalating insurance costs, increased costs at stores to make up for theft and increased police presence.

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Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s 1982 Constitutional Act: Charter of Rights and Freedoms changed the legal system. It put the rights of the individual above the rights of society. Now the criminal often has more rights than the victim. Our system of justice is not perfect, but is probably one of the better world legal systems. Our government is quick to criticize legal systems of other countries. When you go to another country, you have to follow their laws and regulations. We expect foreign visitors to follow our laws. For example: Americans transporting their guns from Washington to Alaska are expected by border security to strictly comply with our gun laws.

When I was young, there seemed to be few rules, laws and regulations, but if you did something wrong you really got your butt kicked. Today, there are 10 times more laws and regulations, but nobody follows them. Certain special groups (pipeline protestors) are allowed to break the rules and laws.

Disrespect for the law even goes to the highest office in Canada.

There needs to be more respect for police, teachers, parental authority and legal authority. If you do something wrong, you should accept the consequences. In other words if you do the crime, you should be willing to do the time.

Gord Dykstra

North Battleford

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