Left leaning gov’ts do care about individuals

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Dear Editor

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Recently I wrote a letter to the editor  (“Who will save the old Saskatchewan Hospital, Regional Optimist, Sept. 4.) At the end of the letter I committed an embarrassing faux pas.

In a broad, sweeping declarative sentence I said that (all) governments do not consider individuals and small numbers of citizens when making decisions. They look at large numbers. This is not true. Governments positioned to the left in a liberal, parliamentary democracy work for the benefit of the common man (and woman). A good example is the current New Democratic Party in our fair province. They care about the little man. They also care about the environment.

The NDP is remarkably distant from the ideology of the mainstream right of centre parties, and certainly the current federal government. I believe all governments should champion the rights of the common man. It is worthy to note that Tommy Douglas, the founder of the CCF in Saskatchewan and Canada, originated every social program we now enjoy in our great nation and that includes medicare. Little wonder that he was voted Canada’s most important citizen by Macleans Magazine, beating the political giants — Sir John A. Macdonald and Wilfred Laurier.

Now before you draw conclusions about where I have positioned myself on the political spectrum, I will say I am right in the middle, a centrist. I am not a member of any of the mainstream parties. Regardless, facts are facts. Enough said.

Richard W. Hiebert

President, Battlefords Heritage Society


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