Less money in honey

Dear Editor

“The way people earn their living shapes the character of their laws, their government, and their culture.” Author Arthur Herman’s phrase echoes the thoughts of H.H. Kames, Adam Smith and William Robertson in his book, How the Scots Invented the Modern World.

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Thanks to the COVID-19 border closure and no foreign hunters, Canada has several thousand more bears than last year. Something for asparagus harvesters, bee ranchers, campers and dogie toters to keep in mind when the bears wake up this spring. (Oops, I forgot the tree planters and, I am sure, others.)

Lots of lawyers gets lots of cash defending lots of drug dealers therefore do our courts treat equally those habitually caught with drugs and a smuggled handgun compared to those individuals in their bear-infested bee yard, campsite, gardens or back forty with a legally obtained large bore handgun without a “so illusory as to be impossible to obtain” restricted firearms carry permit?

Would interrupting the drug dealers “accessory” supply chain do more for public safety than making handguns and 10-guage shotguns taboo for Canada’s beekeepers? Guess it all boils down to whether there’s less money in honey than drugs. We have law and ethics (of a sort) but do we have a safer Canada to rear our children?

Tom Lamont


Addendum: This letter had been in draft form scarcely a week before the feds introduced more firearms legislation I have yet to see Bill C21-21, but the media has announced that those found with drugs and a smuggled handgun will get a get out of jail free card. Goodbye Canada, hello Cartel North! It sounds like the people who do the productive work in this country have a lot to get hot under the choler about (pun for RHW) and “up with which we will not put!” (Apologies to W.S. Churchill)


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