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Dear Editor

The Lancet is a respected paper, produced in the UK, which carries the latest information from the medical profession. In the last issue, there was an article that has contributed to the “cattle are destroying the world” bandwagon. Again, we can read that cattle create gases, which are the main contribution to greenhouse gases.

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I don’t suppose the doctors have ever been told of the millions of buffalo that roamed The Great Plains of North America, far more than the cattle we raise today. Did the buffalo destroy the world? No, but the Europeans destroyed the buffalo, which had helped create soil.

Do the doctors who contribute to The Lancet ride bicycles to work? Have they stopped using plastic and campaigned against using plastic because it is part of what is destroying the coral reefs, the cradle of the ocean? Have they spoken out against the unspeakable fool now running Brazil who plans to destroy the Brazilian rain forest, part of the lungs of the world, and incidently, destroy the natives living in them in spite of a treaty signed generations ago?

I suppose they might say those two disasters are nothing to do with the medical profession and one could easily argue that they are wrong.

The Beautiful People (Rich People, Hollywood-style) have jumped on the wagon, stating they are vegans. Some have even opened up factories in Canada that produce vegan products.

Next thing we know, the mayor, premiers and the prime minister of Canada will be joining vegan parades.

I’m not being facetious, nor sarcastic; I’m being a realist. Destroying rain forests, destroying pastures, both will lead to a catastrophic change in the climate.

Be a vegan if you want, but don’t shove it in my face, and don’t think that by being vegan you will save the world. Just remember, it is humans who are destroying the world.

Don’t try to find a scapegoat, or scape cow.

Christine Pike


P.S. Here’s a thought: Aren’t meats plant-based?

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