Not magic, just basic science


Dear Editor, 

I’m writing in response to the article of Thursday, July, 11, 2019, by Brian Zinchuck entitled, “Better start feeding those unicorns beans: We are going to need their farts to power Saskatchewan.” 

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Brian Zinchuck sees fit to describe the global climate emergency in scatological terms, yet the only thing that is stinking around here is his view on clean, renewable energy, of which Saskatchewan is richly endowed. 

Our province is part of the sunbelt boasting close to 2,400 hours of sunlight per year, Regina being in the top three sunniest places in Canada. Solar energy is the solution. 

The Saskatchewan New Democrats’ key climate policy on how to meaningfully act on this emergency shows that if we put our existing crown corporation, SaskPower, to work, we can swiftly begin to transform our provincial energy system to solar, while co-creating a sustainable energy network for the future. 

Mr. Zinchuck is speaking in magical terms to understand the problem of sustainable energy, but this is not magic, it’s basic science. 

Just ask the swaths of kids who gathered on the steps of our legislative building in May of this year to demand action to preserve our habitat. 

These children are not fooled by political rhetoric. The idea of “clean coal” does not convince them. They are compelled by the scientific evidence that shows our planet cannot sustain our current method of energy extraction and consumption of fossil fuels.

Saskatchewan residents, I implore you, if we wish to preserve the ethereal beauty of these living skies, our crystalline lakes, our forests alive with myriads of animal species, we can harness the power of the sun and transition to solar while creating jobs and opportunities in the energy sectors of the future. 

We must stand opposed to the greed of the fossil fuel industry. Our common habitat is more important than profits for fuel corporations. 

We can act now to participate in lessening the impacts of this global climate emergency. 

Brandie Carignan

North Battleford

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