Off with their heads!

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Dear Editor

Now that the Coronavirus is reasonably contained, although some are still escaping and Trillion Day celebrations are in hand, it is time for our government to turn its attention to other concerns.

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Surely a prime concern is the defacing and demand for statues and monuments and history to be brought up to date. A simple answer is to have all heads on monuments replaceable, recyclable, reversible and renewable and, of course, totally interchangeable.

Off with Queen Victoria’s head and on goes Lisa Laflamme. Mr. Trudeau would be seen mounted on rearing chargers battling the roaring back economy or high on pedestals surveying his kingdom and his peoples.

All the heads not currently acceptable and in the new circuit would be stored in locked and guarded columbaria. They could be rented out, sold, or exchanged from city to city, coast to coast to coast or from one carefully vetted Covid free country to another.

We know all Canadians will want to make inclusion suggestions for the new non-partisan H.E.A.D. committee. Final decisions would be made after extensive consultations and environmental studies aided by unlimited previously unheard of experts. 

Dr. R. H. Wood.

North Battleford

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