On being honourable

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

During the first part of the WE enquiry those paying attention were subjected to a filibuster on the differences between fiscal and monetary policies. I am still dizzy, but it set me wondering about exalted positions and the titles, degrees and diplomas of which some people have more letters fore and aft than in the alphabet.

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“Honourable” as a title requires study. Does it mean that the bearer is truly honourable or does it mean that we have to accord respect? When you retire, are you still honourable? If you become dishonourable can you become rehonourable? Are there varying degrees of honourability from slightly honorable to very honourable? Can you be honourable more than once or perhaps twice at the same time? Do family members become honourable and am I eligible?

Personally, I prefer the title “Right Honourable.” Should a vacancy or spare one become available, as seems possible at this time, I will claim it for myself. I have the R.H. initials already, so new letters will not be required. I shall be as honourable or otherwise as I please – I solemnly promise.

Dr. R.H. Wood

North Battleford

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