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Dear Editor

Re:  SaskPower: How small modular reactors fit in the mix - April 2, 2021

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Throughout this 1350-word article, SaskPower’s Darcy Holderness used the terms “small modular reactors” and “SMRs” more than a dozen time, but not once did he combine the terms into “small modular nuclear reactors” ... which is very unfortunate.

This simple omission is common among many proponents of this latest attempt by the nuclear industry to remain relevant and a money-maker, and does nothing to alert people to Premier Moe and the Sask Party’s plans to develop untested small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) for this province.

Small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) are constructed in modules in a factory, hauled to remote settlements, dams or extraction sites under a tarp with a semi, assembled with enough fuel to generate between 50-300 MW of energy for some 20 years and produce radioactive waste which, along with the radioactive equipment, will then probably be abandoned where they sit.

All nuclear reactors - big or small - produce radioactive waste which can harm or kill life forms for hundreds of thousands of years and can never be “disposed of.” Further, there is no known location on this planet where this deadly material may be safely and sustainably stored. It can be buried underground to risk leakage into underground waterways or dumped into an ocean (eg. Fukushima) where it can be ingested by sea life but we can never be “rid of it” ... ever!

How dare we leave such an horrific mess for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Elaine Hughes



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