Out to pasture

The Sept. 27 Regional Optimistsupplement “Specially For Seniors” might better have been titled “Specially For People With A Seniors Problem.”

People who love a horse no longer able to serve them, often just let the old beast live out its life in a nice pasture. They don’t ask the horse where it would like to go.

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Not one article in that supplement touches on the feelings or wishes of the parents. There is no mention of a possible conversation with the aging parent(s) to discuss the situation. Do the parents recognize any decline in their physical or mental abilities, which will make their independent life more and more difficult? Do they have any helpful suggestions? Would they accept a caregiver in their home rather than leave it? If they were unable to look after themselves in their home, do they have any preferences for a particular retirement home for seniors?

I’m an old guy, but my family hasn’t told me, perhaps hasn’t decided yet, where they will put me out to pasture. I hope your paper will help them.

Fred Grant


Editor’s note: The material printed in the Specially For Seniors supplement was not generated by the Regional Optimist newsroom, nor was it selected for publication by newsroom staff.


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