Dear Editor

As an educator, I once travelled the length and breadth of this remarkable province. In every town I visited the plaques and monuments of Saskatchewan’s fallen sons. I some cases, families lots two or three of their beloved children. How they must have grieved.

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Since the Battlefords housed my first office, I had the great pleasure of meeting, working with and knowing some of your city’s sons and daughters – optimists all! – which explains your newspaper’s name.

There was the Honourable Herb Sparrow, senator, environmentalist, lecturer in my university classes and a fine chicken vendor. There was Johnny Bower, who could make even the Toronto Maple Leafs look good. And of course there was Irwin McIntosh, publisher, editor, friend and forward-looking lieutenant governor. Optimists all!

As I read the News-Optimist, I note the challenges being faced. But lest we be blinded by what’s bad, let us remember, as your fine mayor, Ryan Bater, does, the good that you represent, the blessings and challenges of diversity. That very fact underscores the fundamental freedoms our young men and women died for. We should be, and are forever, thankful.

N. Robin

Blaine Lake

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