Rules for some, but not all

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

This week I heard former MP Gerry Ritz is spending part of his winter in Arizona. Why is it OK for him to go south, but everyone else is encouraged to stay home so as not to spread the coronavirus?

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Why do we put a driver in jail who fails to stop at a stop sign that causes a bus load of hockey players to die or be severely injured? Are not stop signs, rules, etc. put out there for the good of all, not just for a few? The very people who want freedom are often the ones breaking the rules: going south, travelling, no masks, no social distancing. Will they get jail time if they kill others from the coronavirus? Fines are not enough.

Why should 90 per cent of the population suffer for the 10 per cent that want so called freedom, rights, etc.? Where is the justice and democracy in these decisions? Without rules, laws, etc., there is no freedom.

Marcella Pedersen

Cut Knife

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