Ship of State

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Avast. The ship of state is about to reset its direction – 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees or even a dizzying 360 degrees. Happily, Captain R.H. Trudeau will remain tied to the helm while a new Financial Navigator sets a new perfectly clear course. Sunny days, calm waters and no tankers are promised. 

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But wait indeed. Mutiny is afoot. Part of the loyal crew has a new Toole in the tool box with which to scupper the ship and Mr. Poilievre is set to explode or implode at the same time. He is suffering from severe prorogation and endemic redaction. 

We are all in mortal fear of Covid, the ship is sinking, we are drowning in debt and a change of course is required. Do those in charge really know what they are doing? Personally, I doubt it!

R.H. Wood

North Battleford


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