SHNB: building quality of life

Dear Editor

She stood in all her glory and grandeur for over a century

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Majestically bold and proud, with a purpose.

Brick by brick, walls and windows that house many

Who were afflicted with mysterious conditions.

Doctors, nurses, specializing in their fields

Learning to give quality of life to hundreds

Who would pass through her doors.


Staff to launder, cook and clean,

Therapists, gardeners, carpenters, teachers

Helping those who occupied this building of healing.


Oh, if the walls could talk, the stories it would tell

And the songs it would sing.

Tales of love, learning, heartache, hellos and goodbyes

Congratulations, comfort and support and, of course, ghostly apparitions.

Families and people from all walks of life

Coming and going, working towards the same goal;

A quality life, a place of psychiatric healing

And housing for those who needed solace and care.


Now, she stands, exhausted, a historic memory, her grandeur fading

She’s stripped brick by brick, wall by  all, a pile of rubble, thrown away;

Her purpose served, only memories will be recalled

By those whose lives she touched, worker or resident.


A tribute of thanks and goodbye to you, Saskatchewan Hospital

For your service and beauty, in the eye of the beholder.

Cheryl Nelson

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