Unpredictable, yet predictable

Dear Editor

This is a portion of the verse printed on the Statue of Liberty in the United Sates of America: “ ... Your huddled masses yearning to breath free ... ,” 1886.

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“I can’t breath, I can’t breath ... .” 2020 (In the dis-United States for America)

Infectious diseases of the body can spread across borders and around the world. A vaccine can be developed for them.

Infectious diseases of the mind can spread across borders and around the world. What could be a vaccine for them? If there is such, it will have to be developed by each and every individual. I might not like you and what you do, but I do not advocate your destruction and death.

But, perhaps I could change my mind, if you become dangerous.

And so it goes, unpredictable, yet predictable.

Christine Pike


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