Valleyview tenant wants city councillors on housing board

Dear Editor

In mid-December, The Battlefords Housing Authority management retained the services of Cornerstone Security and Investigations (Steven Ladwig) to bring peace, safety and security to the tenants of Valleyview Tower II. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone within the Battlefords district that is not fully aware of the anarchy that has gripped this facility starting three years ago. Tenants from this building cannot go anywhere in this community without being asked about what it is like to live in this government funded slum property. The building itself is not in extreme disrepair, however, the cleanliness, atmosphere and environment leave a great deal to be desired.

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In three short years this property has gone from being a fully occupied happy, vibrant senior’s facility to being an over half-empty flop house with tenants of all ages. What an accomplishment!

Since coming to this facility in December, Steven Ladwig has single-handedly cleaned up most of the problems in this building. I say single-handedly because I know the challenge he has had with Housing Authority management to get them to take action.

We now learn that this past week the CSI contract was terminated and an out-of-town firm has been brought in to take their place.

I hope Mayor Gillan of North Battleford is now looking into the matter. Hopefully he is much more committed to and successful in cleaning up problems here than all the other officials that have failed. Maybe a good start would be for the mayor to push Minister Carr to appoint a couple of city councillors to the Housing Authority Board.

Really, folks, can we have an adult step forward and take charge this time?

Darryl Mills

Tenant, Valleyview Tower II

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