We must forgive but never forget


Dear Editor

My lifetime Jewish friend, Chaim Kornfeld, is a Holocaust survivor. He has now ascended into his 90s, but his wisdom has no time limit. His family and friends were ravaged by Hitler and his minions. I once asked him how he coped with his memories. His reply is memorable. “Norm, to survive we must forgive, but we must never forget.”

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Televised D-Day commemorations punctuated his pronouncement as youth “discovered” and commended the heroism of the veterans who fought and died for our future. Without a knowledge of history, there is only a distorted future. Respect is based on human contact and conversation – young and old and of every stripe of diversity.

Based on the bandying and branding of our beloved Canada as genocidal, all of us brothers and sisters, Indigenous, Aboriginal and all others must forgive and not forget, otherwise there is no future.

Norm Rebin

Blaine Lake

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