What were they thinking?

Dear Editor

The recent new expansion and updating of co-op service stations shows no forward thinking or planning for the future. With climate change we should be reducing gas stations not increasing them.

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The newspaper article regarding co-op’s grand opening talked about energy efficiency. I fail to see how there is efficiency in promoting more gasoline operated vehicles. Between mistreatment of workers (labour strike) and this latest move, which shows they have lost touch with reality, regardless of living in climate-deniers’ “oil country,” I had thought better of the co-ops. Climate change is here now, not in the future. By dragging their feet, co-op don’t show leadership in helping people make moves to reduce greenhouse gases and helping the climate when there is no infrastructure.

When a car salesperson sells three electric cars in one day, the co-ops should have at least planned for electric chargers as part of their expansion, especially in places like malls, where people spend a lot of time shopping, eating, etc. So I ask, “What were they thinking?”

If I had the capital, I would be investing in electric chargers at shopping malls, restaurants, where people could charge up their electric cars while eating or shopping.

Marcella Pedersen

Cut Knife

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