Aquadell Flyers to be inducted into Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame


The Aquadell Flyers Baseball Team has been selected to be inducted into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame, Team Category, this year on Aug. 15 in Battleford.

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The Aquadell Flyers operated from 1947 to 1972. The team began with a bunch of farm boys who resided in the Aquadell District which is halfway between Chaplin and Riverhurst. Aquadell now no longer exists, but consists of an old store and a storekeepers dwelling. Back in the thirties, there were hree grocery stores, a Pool elevator, a box car for a railroad station, a blacksmith and welding shop, a fur buyer and a poolroom operator at which some of the locals would gather for a friendly poker game. If a player was up $5 he was a big winner!

There was also a baseball team, the Aquadell Flyers, often referred to as “those guys from the hills.” This team was started in 1947 and continued for 25 years. Occasionally players from other districts played with the team. This talented team was a very enthusiastic group of baseball players.

The team played in the South Saskatchewan River Baseball League, which consisted of Riverhurst, Central Butte, Lawson and Thunder Creek. As well they played in 20-25 baseball tournaments each year, much to the chagrin of their parents who thought they should be home working! Tournament competition included games against such notable teams as Sceptre, Delisle and Lake Valley.

At the end of the season a competition was held for the South Saskatchewan River Baseball League Halstrom Trophy which was donated by Geo Halstrom, an avid baseball fan. The Aquadell Baseball Team won this trophy in 1948, 1949 and 1950. This trophy is displayed in the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Apparently both Elgin Myketiak, a very good pitcher and Maurice [Moe] Vold, a very good catcher, were scouted and offered tryouts in Detroit. This, however, never materialized. The reasons why has never been determined but Elgin’s son, Bill, recalls his father’s version was that he did not want to leave his wife to go to Detroit.

Names of the many players over the years include Mel Biggs, Elgin Myketiak, Geo Jennings, Ron Polley, Moe Vold, Art Nelson, Gus Peterson, Bill Jennings, Pat Jennings, Merlin Peterson, Norman Peterson, Joynes Peterson, Henry Lindquist, Ken Hamilton, Dick Gidik, Lloyd Nelson, Dennis Nelson, Lorne McInnis, Ron McInnis, William Gall, Grant Gall, Doug Scott, George Myketiak, Jack Webb, Clarence Giles, Roy Gower, Bob Chapman, Vernon Lindquist, Ernest Olson.

The Halstrom Trophy 38, is displayed in the Saskatchewan Baseball Museum.

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