Athletes excel at district track and field

Blaine Lake Composite students travelled to Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon to compete in district track and field May 16. Despite the heat of the day exceeding 29 degrees Celsius, the students excelled and obtained personal bests. It was a day full of laughs, friendship, competition, encouragement, sportsmanship, sun lotion and sleep.

A number of BLC students advanced to the divisional meet May 25 at Griffiths Stadium. To qualify to advance to the divisions, athletes must place within the top eight rankings of each event.

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The following results, not in any particular order, are as follows: Brittany Wollman placed fourth in the 100 metres; Erin Peake placed fifth in100 metres and eighth in long jump; Hannah Dicus placed seventh in 800 metres and in 1,500 metres; Tori Frank placed sixth in 800 metres; Jen Weber placed fifth in 80 metre hurdles, third in shot put, fifth in discus and third in javelin; Devon Sharron placed sixth in 80 metre hurdles; Anna Verbonac placed seventh in shot put, third in discus and first in javelin; Erica Horner placed first in 100 metres, eighth in long jump and fourth in triple jump; Amelia Boissoneau placed first in 800 metres and seventh in 1,500 metres; Brandi Cameron was fifth in high jump, eighth in triple jump and fourth in shot put.

The bantam girls' relay team consisting of Kiara Desjardins, Amelia Boissoneau, Brandi Cameron and Erica Horner placed second.

Brandon Szwydky placed first in 100 metre hurdles, 100 metres, 200 metres and in 400 metres; Jadon Pool placed eighth in 100 metres, fourth in 800 metres and third in long jump; Michael Horner placed sixth in 400 metres, third in 800 metres, first in 1,500 metres and fifth in long jump; Dylan Pool placed third in 400 metres and second in 800 metres; Cody Dicus placed fifth in 100 metre hurdles and fourth in discus; Kevin Penner placed eighth in 100 metre hurdles; Chris Lozochuck placed fourth in shot put and ninth in javelin; Chase Crawford placed first in discus and shot put; Harold Lafond placed fifth in 200 metres, fourth in 3,000 metres and fifth in long jump; Wyatt Postnikoff placed eighth in high jump and second in triple jump; Jeren Popoff placed sixth in triple jump; Brandon Thomas placed fourth in shot put; Austin Sherstobetoff placed third in 80 metre hurdles; Talon Antoine placed eighth in shot put and ninth in discus.

The midget boys' relay team consisted of Dylan Pool, Cody Dicus, Jadon Pool and Brandon Szwydky and they placed first.

The following athletes did not advance to the divisional meet. Some of the athletes did not qualify in the top eight placing and some athletes will not be available to compete next Friday (some due to Blaine Lake grad). Because the meet caps results at 12th place, some results may be missing.

Devon Sharron placed ninth in 100 metres; Brittany Wollman placed 10th in shot put; Kiara Desjardins placed 12th in long jump; Dylan Pool placed 12th in 100 metres; David Lafond placed 11th in 200 metres; Kevin Penner placed 12th in discus; Harold Lafond placed 11th in 400 metres; Wyatt Postnikoff placed ninth in long jump; Jeren Popoff placed 10th in high jump; Alex Timm placed second in quadrathlon; Matt Day placed second in 100 metres; Jayden Riben placed third in shot put, fourth in discus and eighth in javelin; Brandon Thomas placed seventh in discus.

The bantam boys' relay team consisting of Josh Verbonac, Matt Verbonac, Austin Sherstobetoff and Terry Peters placed eighth and the senior boys' relay consisting of Alex Timm, Jayden Riben, Harold Lafond and Matt Day placed fourth.

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