Fight or Fright - Beatdown in the Battlefords - Photos

Freelance photographer Averil Hall was on the spot Saturday, Oct. 26 for a night at the fights.

Here is a rundown of the results from the Fight or Fright 2019 – Beatdown in the Battlefords Olympic Style amateur boxing event in North Battleford at Agrivilla, hosted by Four Corner Boxing of North Battleford:

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Aliyah Ironstand vs. Willow Blohm (Funbox – no winner declared)

Lake Snelling vs. Emma Jodoin (Funbox – no winner declared)

Sydney Collinge vs. Ava Jeppesen (Funbox – no winner decleared)

Raph Cucio over Ayden Pocha

Amy Solano over Maria Laboucane

Keely Hartell over Isabella Paipals

Gabe Wood over Dawson Loweryson

Owen Pritcher over Elmer Villebrun

Daltan Gerstenhofer over Jack Hartell

Britynn Carter over Alexandra Brochue

Tarin Carr over Matt John

Quinn Neald over Ethan Pasek

Mohammad Mograbi over Zack Bowles

Chris Estabrooks over Austin Burgess

Jaden Toye over Dylan Holand

James Chipak over Brian Lou

Tyler Tremblett over Kyle Paposi

Chelsey Foster over Rhiannon Dussion

Shalin Steel over Iris Fryingpan

Styart Twardzik over Emile Smith.

Local competitors from Four Corners Boxing were Aliyah Ironstand, Amy Solano, Dawson Loweryson, Daltan Gerstenhofer, James Chipak, Rhiannon Dussion and Shalin Steel; Steel’s performance earned her an offer to join the provincial boxing team to go to nationals Nov. 23-24.

All photos by Averil Hall.

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