Kerrobert connection to newest Team Canada Bobsled member

Kayden Johnson has been named as a member of the Team Canada bobsled team.

You may have heard the name Kayden Johnson before. Johnson’s family moved to Kerrobert in 2012 and still lives there today. Johnson was born in Saskatoon, grew up in Naicam and lived in Kindersley from Grades 5 to 10, and then continued his education to graduation at Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute. Johnson’s parents are Angy and Winchester Johnson, and his siblings include younger brothers Carter and Kolby, and an older sister, Jessica.

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Johnson was part of the University of Saskatchewan football team and track and field team in 2014-15. He moved on to York University where he graduated in 2020. Johnson is a former USports hurdling champion.

Johnson was drafted by the B.C. Lions in April of 2020. Johnson was eagerly looking forward to making a first impression as a rookie. With the CFL not playing games this season due to the pandemic, he began looking for other opportunities to capitalize on his athletic skills.

“I had to the opportunity to try out bobsleigh in 2018 after winning the RBC Training Ground program,” Johnson says.

“With the cancellation of this year’s CFL season, I had the opportunity to try out for Team Canada and learned I had secured a spot on the team Nov. 5.”

Johnson is living in Calgary and Whistler for training and competition. In Calgary he trains at the Calgary Olympic Park as well as the Ice House where they practice technique and timing of pushing the sled in addition to the teamwork of getting into the sled at full speed. He also does weight training at the Canadian Sport Institute to increase his speed, power and strength. In Whistler, he trains at the Whistler Sliding Centre that includes practice and competing on the Olympic Bobsleigh Track. The team slides down the track three days a week.

“The speeds we hit are over 150 km/h and up to five G-forces,” exclaims Johnson.

When asked who some of his biggest influences have been in pursuing his athletic goals, Johnson responds, “For sure my parents, as well as Usain Bolt, LeBron James, Adrian Peterson, Michael Jordon and Chris Johnson.”

Kerrobert’s mayor, Wayne Mock, is a Johnson fan.

While extolling his successes in football and track and field, Mock says, “Kayden is a terrific athlete. He can do and has done a variety of different sports. Kayden obviously has the talent, but more so he has the desire to keep pushing those talents to new heights and we are very proud of him.

“On behalf of the town of Kerrobert, I congratulate Kayden for this honour and wish him even greater success in his future. Kayden will represent Canada well.”

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