New Horizons Curling

March 10, 2020

Results from curling March 10 are as follows: Dick Wisner over Wally Gordey, Dick Horrell over Alexander Scott, Bob Krismer over Rod Forrester (skipped by Don Dament) Wayne Payne over Wally O’Hare, Dale Cain over Doug Belyk and Gordon Munn over Ed Kjargaard. Ed Kjargaard and Wally O’Hare are still tied for first place with seven wins, one tie and two losses. Two weeks to go to declare a winner.

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Our last game will be March 24. We start with our annual meeting at 11 a.m., followed by soup and sandwich lunch at noon, then our final curling game. After the game we will have coffee and cookies, and the trophy presentation. All the lunch will be provided by New Horizons.  So good curling for another two weeks.

March 5, 2020

Results from curling Tuesday are as follows: Doug Belyk won over Alexander Scott, Rod Forester won over Dale Cain, Dick Wisner won over Gordon Munn (skipped by Len Taylor), Ed Kjargaard won over Dick Horrell, Wally Gordey won over Wayne Payne, and Wally O’Hare won over Bob Krismer. This leaves two teams tied for first place, Ed Kjargaard and Wally O’Hare with seven wins one loss and one tie. Three games to go to decide a winner.

Feb. 25, 2020

Curling on Feb. 25, results were as follows: Gordon Munn (skipped by Len Taylor) won over Dale Cain, Ed Kjargaard over Bob Krismer, Wally Gordey over Dick Horrell, Doug Belyk overt Dick Wisner, Alexander Scott over Wally O’Hare, Rod Forester over Wayne Payne. This leaves three teams tied for first place, Alexander Scott, Wally O’Hare and Ed Kjargaard.. Each team has six wins, one tie and one loss. Four games left until curling ends on March 24, so anything can happen.  See you in March.

Feb 18, 2020

Curling results from Feb. 18 as follows: Wally O’Hare won over Dick Horrell on a last rock draw; Doug Belyk over Wally Gordey; Ed Kjargaard over Wayne Payne (his first loss) Dale Cain over Bob Krismer, Gordon Munn over Rod Forester, and Alexander Scott over Dick Wisner. Wally O’Hare sits at the top of the pack with six wins and a tie, followed by Wayne Payne, Alexander Scott and Ed Kjargaard each with five wins one tie and one loss.

Feb. 10, 2020

Another exciting curling day for New Horizons. Results were Ed Kjargaard over Rod Forester, Wayne Payne and Dick Wisner played to a tie, Wally O’Hare over Doug Belyk (which has Ralph Hall throwing skip rocks), Alexander Scott over Gordon Munn, Dick Horrell over Bob Krismer and Dale Cain over Wally Gordey.

Wally O’Hare and Wayne Payne are tied for first with five wins and a tie. 

A number of curlers are going on a bus trip to Moose Jaw on Sunday to watch our Silvernagle team at the Scotties.

Jan. 7, 2020

New Horizons started the winter season on Jan. 7 with 12 teams. Results were Wally O’Hare over Dick Wisner, Wally Gordey over Gordon Munn, Rod Forester and Doug Belyk played to a tie, as did Alexander Scott and Bob Krismer, Ed Kjargaard won over Dale Cain and Wayne Payne won over Dick Horrell.

See you all next week, as we all get used to new teams. We are lucky to have 12 teams with one team being short a player.

Dec. 17, 2019

New Horizons had their final game of 2019 on Tuesday, Dec. 17. Results were as follows: Gordon Munn over Alexander Scott, Wally Gordey (skipped by Doug Puff) and Rod Forester played to a tie, Ed Kjargaard over Doug Belyk, Dick Horrell over Dick Wisner, Bob Krismer (skipped by Roy Sankey) over Ralph Hall (skipped by Doug Hall) and Wayne Payne over Wally O’Hare. However, O’Hare won the trophy, having eight wins and one tie.

In second place were Wayne Payne, Bob Krismer with eight wins each. 

All enjoyed coffee and goodies after the game and the trophy was presented by Peter Pauls, past president. Members of the winning team were Wally O’Hare, Denis Carignan, Kate McHarg and Lawrence Willness. Teams were made up for the start of curling Jan. 7.

End of the year trophy winners.
End of the year trophy winners.


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