North Stars wrap up year with team awards

It was a banner season for the Battlefords North Stars, but one that ended much earlier than anticipated.

The COVID-19 pandemic wiped out both the North Stars' title hopes in 2020, as well as their annual end-of-season banquet. Still, the team was able to announce their season award winners. They are as follows:

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Rookie of the Year - Steven Kesslering

Most Improved Player - Ryland McNinch

Defenceman of the Year - shared by Matthew Fletcher and Seth Summers

Most Dedicated - Austin Schwab

Most Valuable - Quintin Loon-Stewardson

Fan’s Choice - Matthias Urbanski

The North Stars are also bidding farewell to their veteran 20-year-olds who are graduating from junior hockey: Dylan McCabe, Rylan Nivon, Seth Summers, Matthew Fletcher, Elijah Loon-Stewardson, Ben Hiltz and Matthias Urbanski.

This brings to an end the 45-win North Stars season of 2019-20. Despite the circumstances that ended their season, on their Facebook page the North Stars posted a video that struck a hopeful tone about the future for the players and the entire organization.

“To all the Battlefords North Stars fans, billets, parents and staff, thank you. Without you we as players wouldn't have been able to do anything that we did this season. For all the great things that we accomplished, friendships and family that we made, and milestones that we reached and achieved, it’s hard to see it all come to a stop so quick. But there’s nothing that we can do as a group other than be optimistic and look forward to the future of the Stars.”

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