Soccer involvement runs in the family

Not long ago the News-Optimist ran a story about Wade Favel, a young soccer player from Poundmaker Cree Nation who was in a tournament in Saskatoon. The story focused on how the sport of soccer has made a positive influence on Wade’s life. 

Since that story ran, his father Greg Tootoosis has contacted us again to tell us how his son’2 sports involvement has had a positive impact on Favel’s nephews (who are Tootoosis’s grandsons). They are now following Wade’s footsteps in pursuing soccer themselves.

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One is Sean Tootoosis, age nine, who attends school in Prince Albert. His soccer jersey, fittingly enough, has the number “22.” His parents are Michael and Rebecca Tootoosis; Michael also sings rap and has opened for a couple of bands in Toronto.

The other nephew is Derek Esperance, who lives with his dad Kevin and grandmother Barbra Tootoosis in Saskatoon. He attends St. Marguerite School and wears the number 8 on his Tim Horton jersey.

Greg shared a funny story about Derek. His son Kevin said that when Derek was younger, every time they drove by Kentucky Fried Chicken and saw the sign with the Colonel, Derek would blurt out, “Hey, it’s Papa Greg!”

Greg Tootoosis said he is “so proud” of his children and grandchildren; he has 14 grandsons and one granddaughter. It also is clear that sports and soccer involvement is something the whole family is enthusiastic about.

“Enjoying sports with your kids is awesome,” Tootoosis said in his letter. “They will learn some of the seven virtues of life. Humility, Kindness, Patience, Hope, Faith and I’ll add Respect and Love.



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