Words of Cheer - Recreation to Profession

The graduating class of 2020 needs to be celebrated! I had the pleasure of watching three graduates in particular grow up in the sport of cheerleading at Cheer Legacy in North Battleford.   

Organized sport, especially cheerleading, creates the microcosm of relationships among athletes due to the necessity of cooperation and interaction. Bonds extend between coaches and athletes as well.

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In the case of Julia Marjoram, Jenae Knot and Kjersti Graupe, there was the transition from athlete, to coach in training, to fully certified coach. These graduates have exemplified maturity and responsibility throughout high school as they managed their schedules as athletes and as coaches.

Coach Julia says, “Coaching and cheerleading has played a huge role in creating the person I am today.  It taught me patience, perseverance, humility and countless other life lessons. After graduation I plan to become a combined lab and x-ray technician, as well as pursue my coaching career wherever I may end up.”

I think it is notable that two thirds of the graduates from Cheer Legacy are going into the College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. Jenae explains, “Cheerleading gave us a strong background in the theory of movement. At first, we were just enjoying what we were doing. Then, we started to get more interested in how the body works. I became interested in how the body systems work together to perform complex stunting and tumbling. I am planning to work in physical therapy or continue my studies in medicine and specialize in sport medicine. Who knew my obsession with cartwheels would take me here!”

Kjersti has the same story except she is focused on sport injury and return-to-sport rehabilitation. Her career path is to get the degree in kinesiology and then continue studies in physical therapy or occupational therapy.

“I am thankful for my experience in coaching, which really teaches you how to encourage people to do the work that will help them reach their goals.” 

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