Day one Rivers West results

After the first full day of competition in Meadow Lake, for the Saskatchewan Summer Games, Rivers West has five medals.

Leading the way is Alex Anderson of Battleford. She earned bronze in the 100m backsroke, silver in the 100m butterfly and anchored the 4 x 50m relay team to win bronze.

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Other bronze winners were Tiara Keith of Biggar in the 100m butterfly and Megan Lee Wenzel of Rosetown in the 100m backstroke. The 11 and 12 freestyle relay team also won bronze in the aquatic centre as well.

In Kayaking, Nicole Rogers of Lloydminster earned bronze in the K-1 500m race.

As of Tuesday morning, Rivers West was sixth in the overall medal count with seven. Team Regina leads the way with 27 medals.

Other Rivers West results include:

Female Soccer - vs. Saskatoon (0-3) vs. Prairie Central (0-0)

Baseball - vs. Regina (5-9)

Female Basketball - vs. Regina (8-78)

Male Basketball - vs. South East (55-39) vs. Prairie Central (57-40)

Tennis - Female Singles vs. Lakeland (2-0); vs. Saskatoon (0-2) Male Singles vs. North (2-0); vs. Saskatoon (0-2)

Male Doubles vs. Lakeland (2-0); vs. Saskatoon (0-2) Female Doubles vs. Lakeland (2-0); vs. Saskatoon (0-2)

Mixed Doubles vs. Lakeland (2-0); vs. Saskatoon (0-2)

Swimming -200m Freestyle - Megan Mee (seventh); Rayel Martin (ninth); Brianne Snyder (17th); Aiden Pearson (sixth); Zachary Plant (12th); Luke Johnson (16th); Kelly Snyder (18th); Hana Johnson (10th); Tiara Keith (13th); Felicia Watterodt (20th); Sean Brehon (11th)

100m Backstroke - Rayel Martin (eighth); Luke Johnson (11th); Cody Barden (13th); Sean Brehon (fifth); Megan Mee (fourth); Brianne Snyder (17th)

50m Breaststroke - Megan Lee Wenzel (ninth); Luke Johnson (11th); Renae Lynne Wenzel (fifth); Hana Johnson (12th); Felicia Watterodt (18th); Tiara Keith (19th); Kelly Snyder (12th)

100m Butterfly - Aiden Pearson (sixth); Zachary Plant (seventh); Renae Lynne Wenzel (seventh); Felicia Watterodt (10th)

4 x 50m Male 14&15 Freestyle Relay (fifth)

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