Day two Rivers West Results

Rivers West went into action on day three with seven medals in the standings, by 10 a.m. the team's total was upped to 14.

Gold medals were won in the water, as Meagan Wenzel of Rosetown won the 50m backstroke in the 11 and 12 female division. Renae Wenzel of Rosetown won the 100m breaststroke in the 13 and 14 female division.

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Adding to her total from day one, Alex Anderson was part of the silver medal winning 4 x 50m medley relay team and also won two other individual silver medals to bring her total to four silvers and two bronze medals.

Niccole Rogers as well as the Team Rivers West canoeing-four team won silver medals as well.

Other day two Rivers West results are as follows:

Female soccer - vs. North (5-0), vs. Parkland Valley (0-3). The team's final placing was sixth.

Baseball - vs. Lakeland (7-6). The baseball team will play for gold at noon Wednesday.

Female basketball - vs. Lakeland (23-32)

Male basketball - vs. Regina (12-68) and vs. Lakeland (16-79). The male basketball team were scheduled to play in the bronze medal game at 11 a.m.

Tennis - Female singles vs. Parkland Valley (0-2) and Lakeland (0-2). The final placing for Shaina Hounsell of Meadow Lake was fifth.

Male singles vs. Parkland Valley (0-2) vs. Lakeland (2-0) with the final placing being fifth for Shane Hounsell of Meadow Lake.

Male doubles vs. Parkland Valley (2-0). Ashton Gao and Tommy Ethier played for bronze Wednesday morning.

Female doubles vs. Parkland Valley (2-0). Meadow Lake's Amy Lynn Rowland and Bailey Shae Epp played for bronze Wednesday.

Mixed doubles vs. Parkland Valley (0-2). Meadow Lake's Kaitylyn LaBrash and Drew Ackerman were on the court for the fifth/sixth game Wednesday.

Swimming - heats and championship individual and relay events will take place all day in Meadow Lake.

Canoe/Kayak - K-1 500m - Trey Albers finished fourth. Spencer Vandenberg was fifth. Jacqulyn Albers was seventh. In the K-2 2000m Albers and Vandenberg finished fourth. K-2 500m - Albers and Vandenberg finished fourth. Albers and Bull were sixth. Rogers and Rogers were fifth. K-2 4000m Albers and Vandenberg were fifth. C-4 500m - Albers, Aschenbrenner, Bull and Hritzuk were fourth and Carter, Rogers, Rogers and Vandenberg were fifth. C-2 2000m - Carter, Hritzuk were sixth, Aschbrenner and Vandenberg were seventh. C-2 500m - Carter and Hritzuk finished seventh and Aschbrenner and Vandenberg were eight. C-2 4000m - Carter and Hritzuk finished sixth while Aschbrenner and Bull were seventh.

Golf - after the first round the Rivers West team sat in fourth. Alex Bernier is tied for second, Mikayla Phipps is ninth, Macylin Relitz is tied for 10th, Brendan Plant is tied for sixth, Diehl Normand is tied for 13th and Kyle Wiebe is 17th.

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